A Comfortable Night’s Sleep Starts with a Comfortable Mattress

Your mattress may sleep just fine. No pain or discomfort when you wake up but is your bed comfortable? Your bed should be a haven where you can relax and rest. You spend a third of your life sleeping, shouldn’t you have the most comfortable bed possible?

Picking the Right Bed

What makes a comfortable mattress is up to your personal taste. You should pick a mattress that feels comfortable and right to you, not one labeled with subjective terms, such as soft or firm.


Even mattress ratings are just guidelines. Two mattresses with the same rating may feel different depending on the construction and your preference.


Ultimately, the best way to find which mattress is comfortable for you is to try laying on mattresses. Rest for 15 to 20 minutes to see how the mattress responds to your body. If you feel pressured to decide more quickly in a store, ask about risk-free return policies to see if you can purchase the mattress and sleep on it at home for several nights.


Stick to What You Want

A sales staff is there to answer questions and help guide you to mattresses that may be right for you. They are a resource during your search, not the decision makers. Take their knowledge and opinions and use them however works for you.


You can look at online reviews the same way. The opinions of people who actually purchased that mattress can be incredibly helpful but they are also just a tool. The final decision will be up to you.


You should also stick to your guns on what type of mattress you want. If you have decided that a memory foam mattress is best for you, listen to other options but don’t be swayed unless you really prefer the other mattress. Visit

to learn more about picking the right mattress for your needs.

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