Memory Foam Mattresses – The Value of an At-Home Trial

In today’s economy, lots of people hesitate to make considerable purchases they might not enjoy later on, and appropriately so. Nobody wishes to spend a lot of cash and then not enjoy the new product once it’s at home. When it concerns buying a memory foam mattress, this does not have to be a concern– as long as you make certain you get to try out your mattress in your very own home for a substantial period. You also have to have a real money-back assurance (not a “comfort warranty” or store credit) as your safeguard should you find your new mattress does not work for you once you get it home and sleep on it for a while. Here’s why …

The Reality behind the Store Trial


The truth of the store trial is that it isn’t really much of a trial at all. Trying out a memory foam mattress in-store at a macys mattress sale is not anywhere near the same as sleeping on one for a prolonged period in your own home. The fact is that physicals merchants (particularly those selling the “name brand” which is a really lucrative mattress) are marketing geniuses. They want their mattress to feel soft, warm, and welcoming when you rest on it. Think about what they do. They keep the store nice and warm. This ensures that the memory foam (which is temperature sensitive) feels wonderful in the store. The problem with this is that most individuals keep their bedroom temperature below 70 degrees. At below 70 degrees, “leading brands” remain quite hard. What does this mean for you, then? It implies that the really comfy “leading brand” memory foam mattress that you loved in the warm store seems like a brick in your house.


And what else? The mattresses that you try in the store have had great deals of individuals resting on them. Translation? They are already soft and well-broken in, unlike the mattress you will bring home. In a store setting, you aren’t really trying a mattress like the one you will bring home. You are attempting one kept in an environment that is warmer than most individuals’ bedrooms that is broken in beyond what typical home use would be.


The Real Money-Back Warranty


An at home trial of 90 days is terrific, but it will just work for you if you get a real money-back assurance with that home trial. Some sellers will provide you a “comfort warranty.” This is simply a roundabout way of stating you are getting an installment plan. Because the majority of sellers most likely just have a couple of memory foam mattresses that you might have an interest in, a comfort assurance or installment plan can wind up actually leaving you high and dry.


The Bottom Line


The bottom line, outright best way to ensure that you find the memory foam mattress that is best for you is to pick one that provides a real money-back warranty and an at home trial of a minimum of 90 days. Keep away from “comfort assurances” and installment plan and make certain you check out all the information and the small print of any assurance. If you keep in mind absolutely nothing else when purchasing your mattress, keep in mind “real money-back assurance” and “at home trial of a minimum of 90 days.”

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